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Thanks for your interest in our program and the possibility of teaming up on a future project. For consideration on a proposal, interview request, doing a joint venture, or other opportunity, please fill out the information below in detail.

Once we receive a request, it will be reviewed by our internal review team within 30-45 days, and if it meets our criteria we will follow up with you and direct you to the next steps.

Any proposals submitted incomplete or not as directed will not be reviewed and it’s entirely possible the “bad-form-trolls” will intercept it and likely eat it!

PLEASE NOTE: Although there are many great proposals submitted to us, not all of them will meet our criteria. Your responses are for our internal use only.

One of the best recommendations we can give you is to participate in one of the higher level mastermind programs we offer. Details will follow.

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P.S. If you’d like to hire Joe Polish for consulting, his current daily rate is $25,000 per ½ day. Please email for more information.

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P.P.S – Please note that several of the questions we ask below are from Dan Sullivan’s Impact Filter® from Strategic Coach® and are used with permission.

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