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Why Work with Us?

Awesome Culture + Company That Invests In Team = There’s No Better Company On The Planet for a Marketing Education + Personal Development!

Piranha Marketing, Inc was founded in 1994. We are a leader in coaching high-level entrepreneurs and business owners and we have an enviable reputation for leading the way in not only providing innovative, responsive and results-oriented products and services to our clients, but for also providing world-class education for the people who work for the company. Piranha Marketing’s president and founder is Joe Polish.

Joe is also the founder of the well-known Genius Network and 100k Groups, co-founder of the VR company GeniusX, hosts several popular marketing and business podcasts, and is the author of several books including the highly praised, Wall Street Journal best-seller, What’s In It For Them?, featured in articles on Fast Company and INC. His charitable causes, including,, and our Genius Recovery Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3.

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Available Positions

Personal / Executive Assistant to CEO

Our team is looking for a highly efficient, organized, resourceful, and reliable individual who can hit the ground running and support our high level CEO. This candidate must be self-managed, proactive (not reactive), and super detail oriented. This individual must possess an exceptional skill set around: communication (email, verbal, in person, text), organization, problem solving, multitasking, and decision making.

This individual thrives when working in a fast paced environment (to be on-call when necessary) and can handle and execute multiple demands on an ongoing basis within various situations and circumstances. This individual must also be readily available and willing to take on new tasks (on top of ongoing and recurring tasks/responsibilities) with a positive attitude, minimal direction, efficiency, elegance and a true sense of urgency. In short, the right person is more than happy and willing to do anything necessary to keep our CEO happy, focused and organized; not overwhelmed, buried and frustrated. 

This right-fit individual is naturally:

Proactive and Intuitive. They look for things that need to be done and they do them. They don’t wait around until they are told to do something. For example, on a regular basis this person would scan our CEOs office and home environments and ensure there are no major areas of “blockage” or “quicksand” that might keep him from being productive.

Organized. Our CEO needs someone who is deeply, obsessively organized and can keep all of his environments free of clutter and distractions.

Detail-oriented. This individual can handle juggling multiple tasks at once and deliver results fast and efficiently. This person must also be able to handle and manage our CEOs chaotic schedule, (business and personal) as well as follow up regularly with phone calls, emails, and text messages with our most important clients, vendors, and core team members.

Flexible. This person needs to be comfortable when plans change when things completely change direction or traction. This person is someone with a calm head and can-do outlook and attitude.

Positive and Drama Free. This individual does not bring their problems or drama into the office and doesn’t let personal situations affect their work.

Excellent Communicator. Individual must be an excellent communicator both written and verbal across the board, on a multitude of platforms.

Poised. Professional and tactful. Possesses a “thick” skin in difficult situations when necessary. Bottom line: This person cannot take things personally.

Researcher. This individual is willing to investigate and performs thorough research on People/Material/Technology or anything else asked for and report findings in an elegant, timely and simple manner.

A FAST learner. This individual will be exposed to many, many new things. This person needs to be able to pick up concepts fast and efficiently (shouldn’t need to be told or have anything explained to them more than once).

Discreet. Has discretion and can maintain confidentiality. Is extremely private. I demand complete discretion and confidentiality. We are a fast moving company and If you think you could be a right fit for this position within our organization, please apply. 

How To Apply

You will ONLY be considered for this position if you fill out the following form in its entirety