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Strategy #1: The Secret To Advertising Profits

Who Is Joe Polish

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Joe, thanks to your incredible marketing strategies last year (using only 4 carpet cleaning vans) ...I am living proof that a person can get rich in this business!


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Thanks to Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing our profits are up 98%! We made an extra $165,000 in 12 months!

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Joe, thanks to you our business will never be the same! Our net profit jumped over 100% after we implemented your recession proof strategies! In just 10 months!

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How To Create "Bankable Results" Through
Education Based Marketing.

This strategy starts with a "key" discovery I made when I was digging up and creating my Rich Cleaner Systems. This will "lay the foundation" for everything I'm about to reveal to you.

Now I remember, not too long after my encounter with the "jet ski millionaire", (See "Who Is Joe Polish?") I was still struggling to pay my bills but I had a new perspective, and a new direction for my business. After my little chat at the lake I realized that I needed to face some cold, hard facts.

First Of All ...I Had To Face The Fact That If My Phone Wasn't Ringing I Wasn't Going To Stay In Business...
No Matter How Good I Was At Cleaning Carpets!

The bottom line is: if you're gonna be in business, you need customers. Lots of them. Doesn't matter how great you are at what you do, if no one is calling aren't going to stay in business. End of story.

And then I had to come to terms with another reality.

The Traditional "Image Based" Advertising
I Was Doing Simply Did NOT Work!

You are obviously reading this letter because you want to improve your life, your business and yourself. You've taken a few minutes out of your day to check out what I have to say because deep down you already realized those two facts.

They seem like really simple concepts but you'd be surprised how many people DON'T "get it."

And back in the early 90's there was no "Joe Polish" to turn to for quick answers. So I had to find the answers for myself.

I started by scrapping all the conventional "image advertising" I had been using. And I started investing my time and efforts into finding the best advertising on the planet for small businesses.

And it was that digging ...learning ...searching that led me to the simple discovery that quickly turned my business into a success and liberated me from the constraints of a failing business.

But, you might be wondering what I mean by "image advertising". So let's take a step back for a minute and look at...

What 99.9% Of Small Business Owners Have Been Doing That Does NOT Work.

Really, when you look at advertising of small businesses, including most of the other carpet cleaners, restorers, air duct cleaners, etc. in your area, you'll find most people are all doing the same thing. It was what I had been doing, and I'll bet it's what you've been doing to advertise your business.

Most people put out "professional looking" advertisements, mailer coupons, flyers, websites, business cards, postcards, and yellow page ads that all follow a similar formula. This "formula" is generally what I call "name, rank and serial number" advertising, or "image advertising."

"Image based" ads generally have a nice picture or two. These ads showcase your company name and logo and usually give some bullet points, or features, about your company. These "features" include a list of services offered and statements like "Satisfaction Guaranteed" or "We've Been In Business For 15 Years". Next, image ads usually have your phone number in big bold print. Maybe there is a coupon on there for a discount or a blurb advertising a low-price offer. "Image based" ads are usually have plenty of "white space" in the ad. Sound familiar?

Check out this ad, it's typical "image advertising", the kind of advertising 99.9% of businesses do that DOES NOT get good results:

Now you can see what I mean when I say "name, rank, and serial number" image-based advertising. That's how I advertised my business, when I was going broke. You see, I was simply following the same "formula" all the other small businesses in my area followed. The "formula" of image advertising, and my ads did squat to make me any real money.

In fact, I remember dropping around $700 on a coupon-type mailer and getting 3 phone calls and 1 job for about $80.00. And you know what the so-called "ad experts" at the coupon company told me? "Oh, you need to 'get your name out there.' It takes about five to six times before people start recognizing your ad. You just need to build name-recognition."

Okay, so the ad people wanted me to invest $3,500 of my advertising dollars, on the theory that "Mrs. Jones" would see my ad for the 5th time and suddenly say "Oh I should call him now I've seen this ad 5 times."

It simply doesn't work like that in the real world. It works out nicely for the people selling those ads, but not so good for you and I. That is way too much money to invest on the chance you'll get a measly job or two.

And I didn't have deep enough pockets to "get my name out there." Do you?

"Image based" advertising, branding and building "name recognition" is for giant companies with huge advertising budgets like McDonalds, Coke and Chevy. Those companies have spent BILLIONS on ad campaigns to make themselves household names. But what about us "little guys"?

You and I both know from experience that this type of "image based" selling of our carpet cleaning services simply does NOT work.

Do You Know What The Definition Of Insanity Is?

It's doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

And when it came to advertising my carpet cleaning business, it was when I stopped doing what everyone else was doing that I finally made money. Lots of money.

So, the first step toward success is to stop wasting money on advertising that clearly does not work. Instead, funnel your efforts into the real secret behind making a lot of money in the carpet cleaning business.

Get ready. Here is the next little gem you need to grasp on your way to uber success...

The Difference Between Marketing & Selling.

Now, back when I was failing miserably, I might not have known much about making money in carpet cleaning but I did know this. I knew when I was face to face with a good prospect I could sell. I had no problem "selling" jobs once I was with an interested prospect. I could even do ethical "up-selling" on things such as carpet protection and upholstery.

But it was getting myself in front of those good, qualified prospects that was the trick.

And that is because "selling" is what you do once you are face to face or on the phone with people.

"Marketing" is what you do to get yourself face to face or on the phone with people. People who are primed and ready to buy from you.

And what happens when you "marry" effective marketing and selling?

"Direct Response Marketing" is born.

And that my friend is the real SECRET to success in your carpet cleaning business. It turned out to be that missing ingredient to succeeding in the carpet cleaning business that had been elusive to me for so long. And it's been the key to unlocking mega success for over 6,300 other carpet cleaners just like you.

So what exactly is "Direct Response Marketing"?

Simply put, Direct Response Marketing is "Selling In Advance."

Wait a second ....Before I go one step further...Are you going to tell me...

You Don't Like Selling?
Now before you roll your eyes and tell me
"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, I'm not a salesperson."

..."I hate selling."

..."Selling is for chumps."

..."Selling is evil."

I've got news for you.

We are all salespeople. I know selling gets a bad rap. And sleazy "stereotypical salespeople" have contributed to this negative view of "selling" . But really what is selling?

My friend, and one of the top business coaches in the world, Dan Sullivan, gives one of my favorite definitions of selling.

He puts it this way, "Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result, that is good for them, and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result."

Notice the key words here, "...that is good for them."

Because Effective Selling Is Simply Value Creation & Helping People

The truth is, we all sell everyday in one form or the other.

For example...

Have you ever suggested someone eat at your favorite restaurant?

Then you are a salesperson.

Have you ever gotten a girl/guy to go out on a date with you?

Then you are a salesperson.

And as long as you are doing things that are moral, legal, and ethical why not "sell" and...

Offer Something That Adds Value To Someone's Life!

And, doesn't offering your carpet cleaning services to people add value to their life?

Let's see, you are offering people healthier indoor air, extending the life of their carpets and making people's homes look and smell better. Now that is what I call putting value out into the world! (And if you can NOT honestly answer that you are "providing value" then, maybe you need to re-think what you are providing.)

Why would you hesitate to "sell" real value to people?

After all, selling is helping. Selling is sharing your gifts with the world. If people don't know what you can do, then you can't help them!

Sometimes this simple "paradigm shift" in the way you view the "selling" of your services is the formula that makes the difference between a failing business and a successful business.

And come on now, when I talk about "selling" I am NOT talking about knocking on doors with a silly grin on your face handing out your business card. And I'm definitely NOT talking about dropping hundreds of dollars on ineffective ads to make a sale.

So that brings us back to the questions...

"How Do I Make My Ads Work?
What Exactly Is 'Direct Response Marketing'?"

Direct Response Marketing is a style of advertising that is designed to get an immediate response from your market. "Immediate" means you send out your ad and your phone starts ringing the day your clients get it.

Direct Response marketing works because it educates, motivates, and calls your consumers to take action.

Now if your pockets are deep like Apple's or Coca Cola, then by all means continue to put out pretty, expensive, "feel good" image ads into the universe.

But if you're on a shoe-string advertising budget, then make sure you are tracking the RESULTS of every ad you invest money in. And that for every dollar you spend you are making back multiple returns!

Every day carpet cleaners who are using my Direct Response Marketing strategies are getting HUGE returns on their investment in their ads.

Recently, I got an email from Dave Nichols a carpet cleaner in California, who said he sent out 900 of my direct response style postcards at .42 each, that's around $378 in postage and so far in the first week he'd gotten 45 calls and booked $9,145.00 in work* and that is in the middle of a double dip recession!

Now pay attention. You're about to discover the...

Best Robotic Marketing Techniques On The Planet.

I'm going to give you the "secret sauce" for creating your own Direct Marketing ads and campaigns.

You see, if you want to "sell in advance" using what I call "robotic" or AUTOMATIC marketing methods, then you need the recipes for creating Direct Response Ads that actually work.

Remember, the reason Direct Response Marketing is so effective is it educates, motivates and calls to action. Here is a simple, proven formula for turning your ads into successful Direct Response Marketing:

#1: Start with a bold, compelling headline.

The headline of an ad, is like an "ad for your ad". Your headline's job is to catch the attention of your audience and get them to read the first sentence of your ad. That means the headline needs to speak directly to the wants and needs of your target client.

Here is an example of a weak headline: "How Would You Like Clean Carpet?" That headline is wimpy and easy to say "No thanks" to. Here is another doozy "YOUR NAME Carpet Cleaning - I Clean Carpets!" That is not a headline that's just an ego boost, everyone loves to see their name in print. But, those are not headlines that will get you any response or make you any money.

But, a powerful headline like, "Discover How Your Carpet Directly Affects Your Health!" OR "Would Your Health Be Improved If You Clean Your Carpets Today?" OR "Have You Looked Down Lately? There Is Something Lurking In Your Carpet You Can't See, Touch Or Feel...But It Affects You Every Day!"

Those are interesting and compelling.

Here are a few more to test drive: "Millions of Dust Mites Gone With A Swipe Of A Wand! Discover How Right Here..." OR "10X Cleaner Carpet With No Dirt Attracting Residue...How Would That Look In Your Home?"

Do you get the idea? Feel free to use any of those headlines in your next ad.

Now you take a turn and create some headlines that grab your reader's attention. And if you do your job of crafting a headline correctly, if your reader has carpet, they are going to be interested in what you have to say.

#2: Interesting, education based, benefit rich, body of the ad.

Now, I told you what your headline's job get your reader to read the first sentence of your ad. So that means, the first sentence of your ad has the job of getting the prospect to read the next sentence, and the second sentence has the job of getting the third sentence read and so on.

This is your "message". Let's get some creative juices flowing.

What can you tell your prospect that will educate them about cleaning their carpets and why they need to call you? That is what needs to be in the body of your ad.

Are there misconceptions about carpet cleaning that you can address, myths you can debunk?

Of course there is! And they need to be in the body of your ad.

Keep this in mind: The general population knows as much about carpet cleaning as you know about brain surgery. How would you choose the best brain surgeon? It would sure be nice if all the brain surgeons out there educated you on how to choose a brain surgeon and even told you the right questions you should ask you when choosing a brain surgeon and what to look for in a brain surgeon.

Get it?

That's what you need to do for your prospects about carpet cleaning. (Or restoration work, or whatever is appropriate.)

Most people don't even know what to ask or where to begin or how to choose a good carpet cleaner.

Why do you think so many people call up and say "How much do you charge?" That is the only benchmark they have ever been given on how to choose a cleaner ...until now.

So you educate people.

Teach them. Answer the universal question in their mind, "What's in it for me?"

Take a few minutes and ask a few of your friends about what "big questions" they would have when they'd need to hire a professional cleaner.

Or, think about when you go to hire a professional to come to your home, whether it's a plumber, appliance repairman or contractor, what do you want to know about a company/person before you invite them into your home?

Or pretend you are face-to-face with a prospective client and you have to convince them why they need your service, how you will help them, and why they need to choose you over all the other cleaners in town. Then record yourself talking and transcribe it into an ad or sales letter.

Make sure you answer all the burning questions, educate, and motivate your audience.

Here are a few more things I want you to remember when you write your ads.

"You are not your own client." Just because you don't want to read that ad doesn't mean they don't.

"The more you tell the more you sell." What if you were sent into a room to "sell" your carpet cleaning services to a group of interested people but you could only do it in 10 words or less? You wouldn't close many sales would you? To create an effective sales process and close your sales you need to be able to talk. So "talk" to people through your sales letters, postcards, ads, website, etc.

So that leads me to the the third and most important thing.

"Boring doesn't sell." Always remember, "you cannot bore people into buying". Your ads must be interesting, unique, educational, eye catching and fun. Every word you write must captivate and hold your prospect's attention. And every word must answer this question that is going through your prospects mind, "What's in it for me?" That means nix all the "I's" in your ad and replace them with "you's".

"Speak to ONE person." Always address your audience as "you" not "you guys" or "all of you". You want the reader to feel like they are the only person you are talking to, like you are having a one-on-one conversation with them

#3: Give your clients tons of benefits.

Most people confuse benefits and features. Remember a feature is something like, "We've been in business for 15 years." That's not a benefit. Your prospect is thinking "What's in it for me?"

So revisit your features and say ..."Which means..."

Now you can turn that feature into a benefit. For example, "We've been in business for 15 years"...apply "Which means..."

And that feature then turns into, "...You can trust your home will be well taken care of because we've been taking care of your neighbors for 15 years!"

See the difference?

Let's try another one. I see "Satisfaction Guaranteed" all over the place. Not only is that the lamest guarantee ever but it's not a benefit. (Who wants to just be "satisfied"?) Ask yourself..."Which means..."

..Which leads to a headline like: "You will be thrilled with your service and have peace of mind because you get my iron clad money back guarantee." Suddenly you have a benefit.

What about this one? "We clean carpets." Feature!

"Your carpets will shine and sparkle with our amazing 9 step cleaning process!" Benefit!

Are you starting to see the how this works?

When you stop simply listing features and layer on the benefits you trigger response mechanisms in your prospect that actually gets them motivated to contact you.

On a final note on the subject of benefits, build your creditability through the use of client testimonials and remove all risk with a bold, money-back guarantee!

I'm not going to go too much into detail on the use of testimonials and guarantees, but especially in this day and age, where anyone can take to the internet and talk about your company, you should be willing to "put your money where your mouth is" and have a bold, money-back guarantee.

Keep in mind, if you are running an ethical business that does great work you will hardly ever have to give people their money back. And a bold guarantee will get you way more jobs, by removing all the risk of doing business with you, than you will ever have to pay out in the occasional refund.

#4: Make an irresistible offer.

I always say the worst offer you can make is no offer at all. The second worst offer you can make is a price based offer.

So what is an "irresistible offer"? It's an offer that your prospect finds too good to refuse.

I created the best version of an "irresistible offer" for my Rich Cleaners, it's a Free Room Of Carpet Cleaning and a Carpet Audit. This is an offer that has "no barriers".

But you have to present this offer correctly and to your target market, or you could lose your shirt. (I'll discuss this further in Strategy #4)

But when you have the right market and you frame it with the right message, this offer works like gang busters! Six figure businesses have been built very quickly using this one strategy!

When you craft an "irresistible offer" be sure to make it simple, clear, relatable and not price based. "$XX for a whole house" is price based and it's going to attract a bunch of price shoppers. "XX% Off" is too ambiguous to relate to. And, listing your per square foot or per room price is just setting you up to attract low price shoppers.

But, the Free Room Offer and even "Buy 2 Rooms Get 1 Free" or "You Get Every Third Room Free" are all examples of great offers. They are simple, relatable and irresistible.

Also, you can use bonuses like, "Get a Chair and Ottoman Cleaned Free When you clean 2 or more Rooms."

Whatever your offer is just make it irresistible.

#5: Close the ad with a decisive call to action and create a sense of urgency.

Now your reader arrives to the end of your ad and it's your job to make sure they take action and call you. Leaving off the call to action would be like sending out your best sales force and then having them leave before they could "close the deal".

Be simple and direct in your call to action. You've just presented your best offer so now tell the prospect what to do.

You can say something like, "Now Just Pick Up Your Phone Right Now And Call Me at XXX-XXX-XXXX!"

And, you need to create some urgency so they don't just set the ad aside to get to "later". This is easily accomplished though an expiration date. "Call today because I can only offer you this awesome deal until XXXXX" (Fill in the date approximately 4-6 weeks from the times they receive the ad.)

Or the urgency can come from a bonus offer, "The First 8 People Who Call Get A Free Bottle Of The Best Carpet Spotter Available - With a Lifetime Of Free Refills!"

Always include your phone number and you can include your web address here too. But don't go crazy listing every Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icon here because you don't want to confuse your prospect. Keep their choices simple and clear.

From now on, think of every ad you create as if it's your own paid little "sales force" going out into your area selling your service for you.

Every time you create an ad approach it with the thought process of, "What would you have your own personal salesperson say to your customers to get them to call you over the other 100+, price competitive carpet cleaners in your area?"

Would you have your sales force, now known as your ads, educate people on the value you can bring them?

Successfully doing this, is the reason carpet cleaners who are using my Rich Cleaner Strategies do NOT compete by price in their markets. (More about that in Strategy #2) Most cleaners who use my strategies don't even care what their competition is charging. And this type of direct response marketing is the reason why.

So apply these techniques to your advertising and you will transform any ad into a money-maker.

Before I go any further, let me acknowledge, this may be a whole new concept for you and you may be full of doubts, skepticism and questions at this point.

That's okay.

Everybody has to "try on" a new idea at first. But the good thing is, the techniques I'm teaching you right now are proven and have worked for over a hundred years. I didn't invent the principles these strategies are rooted in, I simply invented ways for professional cleaners like you to easily adapt them and make money with them.

After all, this kind of marketing is psychology based...not technology based. So these principles are timeless and enduring. Direct Response Marketing evolves with our ever changing technologies and works as good today as it did 150+ years ago.

So are you ready to give this "new" old idea a test drive?

Are you ready for another huge hint for a successful ad?

Here it is: your logo and company "brand" are not as important as you thought. In fact, don't place them anywhere near the top of your ad. Don't place them near your headline or anywhere in the body copy of the ad. They belong near the bottom of your ad, keep them small and place them some where near your signature or contact information.

The Sirens Just Went Off In Your Brain
With That One, Didn't They?

Of course they did. I'm telling you stuff that probably goes exactly opposite of what you've been led to believe about marketing and advertising your business up to this point. Exactly the opposite of what EVERYONE is doing to advertise their business.

But can I please remind you ...I'm tell you exactly the opposite of what DOESN'T work.

You see the name of your company, your logo, even your name aren't that important at the beginning of your "relationship" with a new prospect. Because at this stage in the game, your logo is the last thing on your client's mind. People don't know/care who you are yet.

What people DO care about is, "What's in it for me?" "How do I choose a cleaner?" "How do I know they are going to do a good job?" "How do I know I'm not going to get ripped off?" "How do I know they aren't going to ruin my carpet or furniture?" "How can I trust my carpet is going to stay clean and spots won't reappear in a week?"

Now of course, you want to include your name, company name and phone number, website etc, in all your ads. Your contact information needs to be easily found and readable. But your logo and company name just don't need to be FRONT and CENTER like you've been led to believe.

So, do you want to continue to use "ego based" ads that don't work? Or do you want to try the proven money-making formula for professional cleaners like you?

Trust me on this one. If you can swallow your pride and follow my advice it will make you tons of money. (Just like it has for the over 6,300 carpet cleaners who have listened to me.)

Are you ready to become successful at making a lot of money in your business? Are you ready to try the proven Direct Response Marketing Strategies you just learned?

I Have To Warn You...

When you make this shift to Direct Response Marketing just be prepared to catch some heat. All the "ad reps" from yellow pages, web designers, "val pak-type" companies, and even "professional ad agencies" will probably pop a vein when they see your Direct Response Style ads. Even well meaning friends and family might scoff at your "new" way of advertising.

After all, "ad people" are trained to tell you (and everyone else) things like "leave plenty of white space". The advertising world has built their empire on the fact that they can sell most business people expensive, untrackable advertising. And they will try to have you follow the same ad style they have every other business locked into.

And, your well intentioned friends and family might even tell you, "You're nuts. No one is gonna read those ads."

Just forget about all those people. Just smile, nod your head and TOTALLY IGNORE what they have to say. They are commission based salespeople. Or maybe they are your friends who are probably just as clueless about marketing and making money as MOST small business owners are today.

Why else do we have statistics like "50% of small businesses fail within the first five years and 80% fail within 10 years."?

Besides NONE of them have helped thousands of carpet cleaners generate millions of dollars. But I have.*

And I'm telling you "white space doesn't sell anything."

You have to forget about all that "image advertising" you've been taught. Start educating your clients and potential clients.

And don't even think about telling me "people are too busy these days, they don't read/listen to long or 'wordy' ads anymore."

Because I've got 6,300 very successful carpet cleaners that will tell you, "Um, yes. Yes they do."

You see, when someone is interested in something and how it will benefit them, they will read about it all day long. Think about when you are getting ready to invest in a new piece of equipment, you do your research and appreciate informative, interesting, educational content on the product, don't you? And, you are usually "sold" by the knowledge you collect.

You can have confidence in Direct Response Marketing because countless millions and millions of dollars are being generated all over the world using these techniques in all sorts of industries, including yours, every day.

Remember the reason Direct Response Marketing works so well is that it...

Takes YOU Out Of The Equation And Does All Your "Selling" For You!

Because the techniques are based on these simple timeless principals...

Educate Your Prospects. Remove Yourself From The Equation. Duplicate Your Results.

Think about this, even if you are the greatest salesperson on the planet your time is limited. You only have so much time in the day to sit face to face or on the phone with someone to make a sale. And if you are running your own carpet cleaning business then your time is really limited.

So this strategy turns your advertising into effective sales and marketing tools because they allow you to "can and clone" yourself. And my strategies give you the ability to capture yourself performing the art of ethical persuasion and value creation (i.e. selling) at your very best.

Like I said I few minutes ago, you're selling something that isn't "sexy", people really don't like to buy carpet cleaning.

Is this a new thought for you? Who likes to drop hundreds of dollars on something so boring as cleaning their carpets? Wouldn't you rather get some new "toy" or do something fun than drop that kind of cash on carpet cleaning? Most people would! Plus, a lot of people from their personal experience or from the experience of a friend, think cleaning their carpets just makes them dirtier.

So your advertising really has a tough job, doesn't it?

And one of the most important "jobs" for your ads is to...

Build Trust & Rapport...

...with people before you even have your first conversation with them.

The fact is, people hate to be pressured, but they love to be sold.

And people love to buy from people they trust and like. They want to be intellectually engaged and emotionally committed to you and that is when they really enjoy the experience of being "sold" on your service.

But getting people to trust you, getting people to like you, and getting people intellectually engaged and emotionally committed to you, depends on one thing.

It all depends on "positioning."

Your positioning will determine your ability to close sales, get the phone ringing AND charge higher prices.

How do you successfully position your company to your prospects and target customers?

Use Direct Response Ads To Position Yourself.

Marketing is a "positioning game"?

Do you want your position to always be an annoying pest to your prospects? Or do you want your position to be a "welcome guest"?

Do you want eager-to-buy customers calling you already "sifted, sorted and screened" so they are your best prospects? Or do you want to continue to get phone calls from "price shoppers" and "tire kickers"?

Then you need to use Direct Response Marketing. When you sell through education based advertising you automatically position yourself as an expert...that helps people. Your position in the market shifts and your prospects no longer compare you to the other zillion cleaners in your area as, "apples to apples", no it's "apples and oranges" because YOU have positioned yourself like that.

Here is an idea for a Direct Response ad that does a fantastic job at positioning you in your market.

Offer people a "Free Consumer Awareness Guide" about carpet cleaning. Carpet Cleaners who are offering my Consumer Awareness Guide to their prospects use postcards, print ads, flyers, social media sites, their own websites, to promote the Free Guide and it generates tons of ready-to-buy prospects.

But offering a Consumer Guide to your prospects does something else really important for you, it positions you as THE expert in your area. From there you offer a Free Room Of Cleaning and A Carpet Audit and you've got a "Robotic" marketing system in place.

So if you want steady stream of people to call you everyday, pre-sorted, pre-sifted, pre-disposed and pre-motivated to do business with you. Then don't wait one more day to use the proven, money making, time-tested Direct Response Marketing Strategy to transform all your ads into money-makers!

Before I reveal any more of my powerful money-making strategies, I want to talk to you about some common myths I’ve run into during my experience of working with small business owners over the past 17 years. I've narrowed it down to the five most common "myths" people have about Direct Response Marketing and the strategies I teach. Let's start with this one...

"Joe, how do I know your strategies will work for me?"

I heard this back when I first started teaching marketing in the 90's and I hear it today. "I don't think this will work in my area." "My town is different." "People don't respond to that stuff where I live."

Let's just call this...

Myth #1: "This stuff won't work in my town."

Let me reassure you, I've busted this myth again and again, in fact it’s been proven wrong over 6,300 times by professional cleaners just like you.

These strategies worked for me when I was a dead-broke carpet cleaner, and they work today for cleaners all over the world. My systems have been proven to work for thousands of carpet cleaning companies in every walk of life, and situation you can think of, for almost 2 decades. In fact, they work in 50+ other industries as well.

I’ve got people using my strategies in every sized town, economy, and area you can think of. I've got people in 16 different countries using my strategies successfully. And do you know why my stuff works in any town, economy and country? Because Direct Response Marketing is rooted in principles that are timeless. My strategies are based on human nature, and psychology. Direct Response marketing is based on the never changing principles that your prospects want to have this question answered, "What’s in if for me?” And when you can answer that question effectively, you are golden.

My strategies are universal. They are tested. Like I said, they are even being used with great SUCCESS in 16 different countries besides the US, like the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Tasmania, Russia, Jamaica, the West Indies, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Scotland, Germany and China.

Saying “this won’t work in my area” is simply a self limiting belief. And self limiting beliefs will keep you from your "bigger future."

Myth #2: "Advertising costs too much money."

My initial answer to this myth is always,"Not if you’re doing it right." I have people that pay me $25,000 for a half day of consulting. But I call it “selling money at a discount." Do you know why? Because if you are using my strategies, you can MAKE money every time you advertise. And if you are making money, advertising costs you nothing.

So let me ask you, if you bought a house for $120,000 and later sold it for $200,000 did that cost you anything? No it was an investment that paid you dividends. That is what your advertising can be. If done right, it is not a cost, it is an investment. Once you get the hang of how to advertise the correct way, it can pay you returns on your investment that would make Wall Street Green with envy.

Myth #3: "I don't have the time to spend on doing this stuff."

This one actually makes me feel really bad for the people who say it. What exactly are you too busy doing? Too busy scraping by? Too busy cleaning carpets and pushing papers?

What kind of future do you have if you don’t buy out a little time to work on your business? I talk to guys all the time who are in their 60’s still pushing a wand, and they are hurting now. But now they want to take time to work on their business because they are eager to get off the truck.

Do you want to wake up one day a year from now…two years from now….ten years from now, and realize that by NOT doing anything you’re NOT going anywhere?

If you don’t carve out a little time today, the time won’t be there tomorrow. It’s like just your health, if you don’t spend that little time it takes to eat healthy and get exercise, your body breaks down. Your business won’t be there for you in the future if you don’t spend the time today to put a little effort into turning it into a real money-making machine. And it doesn’t take much time, the investment of time is minimal, especially when you have a proven “blueprint” from me and my successful members that makes it all so easy for you.

Myth #4: "Advertising doesn't work."

This one is double edged, because you’re right, it doesn’t work unless you do it right. And if you just read through Free Strategy #1, you now know why your advertising hasn't worked up until now.

Like I said a minute ago, saying marketing doesn't work is like saying "dating doesn't work" just because you can't get someone to go out with you. It works. But, the secret is in the delivery, the timing, and the message.

When you have my proven, money making strategies and you apply those to your advertising then it doesn’t just work, it explodes. It transforms your business from frustrating to fun. Turns ads from duds to virtual cash machines. Advertising works when apply the little known tricks and strategies I teach, and when you do it right.

Myth #5: "I need to concentrate on more online and high tech marketing. Your strategies seem kind of 'old school.'"

Yes, you have a kaleidoscope of opportunities available today and technology is providing more and more options at an almost dizzying speed. But, effective marketing is principle based not technology based.

The fact is, all of your online choices for marketing and advertising can be just as frustrating, waste just as much money, and lead to just as many“dead ends” as your offline options can be. You must have marketing skills to apply to all aspects of your advertising.

What’s so amazing about my strategies is they are timeless and adaptable. They are just as applicable to online marketing as they are to offline. In fact, I teach my members to integrate offline and online marketing for a complete, successful, marketing process. And the truth is, these "old school" techniques are working just as good today to bring in tons of business as they did 150 years ago because they are based on human nature, and principles that never change.

Have you let any or all of these Myths hold you back from getting what you want?

Have you let perceived fears and obstacles keep you from moving forward and achieving more in your life and your business? You don’t have to. Not for one more day.

I hear these Myths from people all the time, and I used to believe some of them myself. But I sure am glad that I took a chance on myself instead of listening to any insecure doubts. I know that if I hadn’t taken a leap toward my "bigger future" that I would probably be stuck in the same rut I was 20 years ago.

But is overcoming your own insecure doubts your biggest challenge? You might just take it down to the basics and tell me "Joe my BIGGEST CHALLENGE is, I need to be able to charge higher prices and make more money!"

Low prices and stiff competition are probably one of THE biggest challenges facing cleaners today. And it's often a "Catch 22" because not charging enough leads to low profit margins that are being squeezed even tighter by the rising costs of doing business…and the skyrocketing costs of living. (Think about it, are you charging the same prices you did a decade ago when gas, food, cleaning supplies, insurance, rent ...everything was cheaper?)

This is a big deal. After all, you started your own business for the freedom, and the chance to break the ceiling on your ability to earn a living. And you probably had a vision of a “bigger future”, a future much bigger than the one you saw just sitting at a job, punching the clock for someone else.

Maybe you even heard how you can average $100 or more an hour cleaning carpets, you just didn’t realize how hard it was going to be get your phone to ring.

Even some of the big name franchises get caught playing this "low price" game. But franchisee or "mom and pop", all companies, are up against low, low, prices where some people are willing to clean a whole house for $99 bucks or less! And with the invention of the deep-discount, coupon based sites, it seems like more and more people want nothing but a “Deal”.

I’ve even seen instances where homeowners feel like, because of the state of our current economy, they know businesses are “desperate” for work, and that means" all prices are negotiable". Do you sometimes feel powerless to your clients, like and they’ve got the upper hand in price negotiation? It's a sorry position for an entrepreneur to be in.

I don't have to remind you, what you do is hard work! Your equipment is not a cheap investment, there are a lot of insurance costs, chemical costs, sometimes an employee to pay, then you have taxes and gasoline expenses, cell phones, breakdowns. Plus all those other little expenses that add up to your "overhead" every month, and that’s before you even cut yourself a check!

This is NOT a “cheap” business, so why should people expect to pay you cheap prices? Well the good news is you don’t have to EVER compete by low price again.

How do I know this? Because I’m going to give you a quick solution for this BIG problem. Your Free Strategy #2 from my Rich Cleaner System is going to be your remedy to getting Instant Profits and freeing yourself from the low price game forever. Here is how to flip this situation around so you are making plenty of money.

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