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Professional Cleaners Testimonials

Joe Polish and Pirhana Marketing have helped thousands of Professional Cleaners to grow their businesses and profits.

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Cleaner Testimonials

"...125 New Clients ... 20% More Profit ... 170% Growth in Sales ... $250,000.00 in Business in Less than 3 Months!"

More Cleaner Testimonials

"... #1 Google Ranking ... Increased Revenue by $8,000.00 in One Month ... I Will More Than Doubled My Business This Year!"

Steve Cameron

See How Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing Helped Steve Cameron Gross Over $300,000.00 - After Averaging Only $120,000.00 Per Year For 22 Years!

"Thanks to the killer marketing strategies that I learned from Piranha Marketing, I now earn 174,000.00 more per year while working less than I did before. This year my company will gross over 300,000.00 - after averaging only 120,000.00 per year for 22 years. I have almost tripled my yearly average since joining Piranha Marketing.
Life is good!"

-Steve Cameron, Sunrise Carpet Care

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart Shows Us What The Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing "E.L.F. Lifestyle" (that's Easy... Lucrative... and FUN!) Is Really Like

Len Hume & Annette Marchionda

Len Hume and Annette Marchionda express in video "the Piranha experience."

Len & Annette Hume
St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada

Socorro & Victor Ruiz

Socorro & Victor Ruiz
Roswell, NM

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John & Cheryl Colin

John & Cheryl Colin
Phoenix, AZ

Steve & Judy Ransom

Steve & Judy Ransom
Southport, FL

Carpet cleaning professionals are also fascinated by Joe's accomplishments and continually seek his advice as a business consultant about the philosophies and marketing strategies he used to become successful.

Read these business coaching stories from carpet cleaners who have enjoyed success because of Joe Polish:

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John Paris

"We held our first marketing meeting today. It was awesome... finally a chance to go over all the new material. My partner who was not at the Super Conference, let me decide to go Platinum... at first I could not begin to explain the change that is going to happening for us. Now, only a few weeks later he feels it. That is truly the 1st step. We are implementing different strategies at a steady pace while still not overloading ourselves... With all the access to information we have already received, along with the fact that I now know I am not crazy (thanks to Dr. Hallowell), I can see my big future and the people I need to share it with in life and in business. Piranha ROCKS!!!! Plain and Simple - You all ROCK!!!"

-- John Paris
Upkeep Carpet & Upholstery

Kevin Coy
kevin coy

"I was perfectly content to work for wages and live a normal lifestyle. Now that I have been introduced to Joe, I'm completely unemployable! I will no longer be able to punch a time clock again. I'm stuck with being an entrepreneur. I guess I will have to make lots of money meet famous people, win cars and go to tropical islands to play!!! Joe because of you I will never be the SAME. You friggin rock!!!"

-- Kevin Coy (with wife, Anissa, and son, Travis)
Chewelah, WA

Chestin Salisbury
chestin salisbury

"I'm in another service type industry and any time I need direction on how to create extremely effective marketing systems, I also turn to Joe Polish. His knowledge about creating hands off systems that magically grow a business is second to none. I have absolutely no reservations in saying Joe is definitely the man!"

-- Chestin Salisbury,
Lawn Care Marketing
Liberty Services of America, Inc.

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Chaim Klein

I've listened to many Nightingale Audio programs and Piranha Marketing is only one of 2 that I ended up buying and it wasn't cheap. I bought it because of the valuable information in it that I know if applied can make me a ton of money.

-- Chaim Klein

Sharon & Skip Schmidt
sharon skip schimdt

"Joe, you have opened our eyes to an entire WEALTH of info-may-shun!!!! Little did we know that there was a network of people out there sharing VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT! You and your team are making us uncomfortable - making us G-R-O-W. Skip and I feel like we found a TREASURE CHEST full of GOLD! We look forward to growing with you and all the Piranha Members. YOU HAVE OPENED OUR EYES AND MINDS."

-- Sharon & Skip Schmidt
Liberty Services of America, Inc.

Ron Falls

I have been in business for over 30 years and honestly have done very well.  But, I now look back and only wonder how much more could have been accomplished with using Joe's concepts.  Joining Platinum Plus for a third year has changed my mindset about whom I want to market to.  It alone has given me the confidence to raise my pricing several times in the past few months, even in the dead of winter.  Joe Polish cares about treating the entire "you" - to make you better and sharper, not only in business, but your personal life too."  

-- Ron Falls
Referral Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

ron falls

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Kevin Buck

kevin buck"Even though it has been a couple years since being involved with Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing, I constantly use the strategies I learned from Joe and review the materials that he taught while I was in the program. I think that Joe Polish is perhaps one of the best sources for information and inspiration in the world of carpet cleaners.

I think that Joe's skills in coaching and teaching will reach far beyond carpet cleaners - he is a true superstar who has a handle on what it means to successfully help others to use innovative marketing strategies and business systems. Joe continues to add value to my business and life every day. Not a single day goes by when I am not thinking about or using one or more of Joe's ideas. Anyone wanting to grow their business mindset should really consider joining Piranha marketing, particularly the upper level coaching programs. Joe provides a great forum for members to spend time together in a "mastermind" venue. I always enjoyed those...

-- Kevin Buck
ON-SITE Professional Cleaning
Duluth, MN

C. Michael Morris

"I wanted to let you know, and you can pass this along to Joe, that we've been really successful with several of Joe's strategies particularly the Healthy Home Newsletter and the "I Miss You" letter. We started the newsletter on December 1, 2006 and as of today, (four issues later), we've received $15,767 in sales (57 jobs). The "I Miss You" letter was started on 11/1/2006, and to date we've received $58,645 and 261 jobs. We will have record sales for this first quarter, which is historically our slowest season, and is no doubt a result of these two strategies. So, Thank you all!"

-- C. Michael Morris
Absolute Carpet Care, Inc., Dulles, VA

Steam King

"Piranha Marketing to me is a "Jump-Start" – to get off your butt and DO SOMETHING NOW!"

-- Steam King

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Frank Ritacco

"Hey, Sweet Product!"

-- Frank Ritacco
ATS Marketing

Ben Pedersen

"There are few people who I take seriously. Joe Polish has been helping me build my business for years! In fact, just one strategy I learned netted me $56.337.42 in just 48 Hours! If you want RESULTS, you want Joe."

-- Ben Pedersen

Nancy Crites

"Just wanted you to know that Joe is fantastic! We have grown from a few thousand dollars a year to over $400,000 and have purchased a 6,000+ square foot warehouse. Just "do it" because it works. Yeah, I know we want to hide our head in the sand and pretend everything is "great" but if it is not – run, don't walk and contact Joe... and help is on the way."

-- Nancy Crites
Certified Carpet Systems
Kansas City, KS

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John Gartner

"Joe goes the extra mile, I've been involved with Piranha Marketing for 3 years now, after attending my first boot camp, I joined the Coaching Club and that year I increased my business by 30%. 2nd year, I joined Platinum Plus Group and that year I increased my business by 45%. This year I continued my Membership and I'm enjoying a year to date increase of 61%. In the past 3 years my average sales ticket when from $135.00 to a current $618.00. From the instructional part of our sessions, the turn-key marketing materials and the association of like minded individuals in our group, I'm getting a clear vision of what I want for myself and my business and the tools I need to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend anyone with a passion to succeed in business or their personal life to get involved with Joe's programs that he offers."

-- John Gartner
Magic Floor Care
Altamonte Springs, FL

Joe DeSouze

"Thanks for the email...Tell Joe, so far this is the best bang for the buck I've ever got from any marketing system offered by anyone, and for a cleaner NOT to sign up for the money map is downright insanity!"

-- Joe DeSouza
Healthy Home Carpet Cleaners

Judy Ransom
judy ransom

Hi, I'm Judy Ransom and my husband, Steve, and I have been members of Joe Polish's Platinum Plus program for 3 and ½ years now. We purchased some of Joe's materials many years ago but only implemented a few strategies and left the rest sitting on a shelf somewhere. It was a tough decision to join Joe's Platinum Plus group, but we knew that we needed more mentoring and help in implementing Joe's strategies to help our company grow.

In the beginning, we wondered if we could really afford to join Platinum Plus. But we now realize that we were asking ourselves the wrong question. We should have been asking ourselves, "How can we afford NOT to join?" With the help of Joe and other Platinum Plus members over the past 3 and ½ years, we've been able to implement many of Joe's marketing strategies.

For our first quarter this year, we earned enough NET income to pay for four full years of Platinum Plus membership. The past two months, we earned enough NET income to pay for two full years of Platinum Plus membership—EACH MONTH! So is it worth it? You do the math.

Here's something I've learned about implementation from Piranha Marketing. You've probably heard it before, so you're going to hear it again. "If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail." Here's another one you've probably already heard—"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result." Put the two together and you come up with the reason for most of the small business owner's frustration in the business world: "Failure to make the time for planning will drive you insane!"

What I'm trying to say is that if you purchase some of Joe's materials or join one of his programs, you'll figure out pretty soon that there's no "magic pill" you can take to make you successful. You've got to put in the time. If you're anything like Steve and I were a few years ago, you're probably wondering where on earth you can find the time to plan out how you're going to implement some marketing and success strategies. You could be burnt out like we were, too overwhelmed with a business that was running us, instead of us running the business. But you really can find the time if you make the time.

Make an appointment with yourself—for an hour a week, maybe more—and don't let anything or anyone break your appointment. Be true to yourself and to your commitments to yourself. During that scheduled time, get away from the phone, away from distractions, and take the time to look over the materials and pick out one or two or three strategies you can realistically implement. Then start working on them in your weekly appointments. Be faithful to yourself and your planning, and you WILL reap the results.

So, I'd like to leave you with two very important questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. How can I afford NOT to buy any of Joe's stuff?

  2. When can I make an appointment to meet with myself, so I can be on my way to achieving my dreams?

If you act now, and keep taking positive action, you WILL succeed!

-- Judy Ransom
Day Star Cleaning
Southport, FL

Chris Kerth

"Joe I have been involved with several franchise businesses including, 10 Subway locations, Handyman Connection franchise, America's Liquid Siding and Windows America franchise, all for a major metropolitan area in the U.S. I have sold these businesses and am in search for the next opportunity. While researching the carpet cleaning industry, I came across your web site. WOW what an eye opener! After reviewing what you have to offer even without joining and paying fees, it's very obvious your system is miles ahead of the franchise organizations. I have joined Piranha marketing and look forward to learning everything I can from you and the individuals and organizations you are affiliated with. Bring it on! I'm ready to soak it up! Your recent fan, Chris"

-- Chris Kerth

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Gwen Tebbe

"Hi Joe, I can't say enough about you. I started to feel better in Feb. and I started with reading information and cds. It has taken up my life. Its Marketing like a person on drugs and you can't get enough. At first I wasn't feeling good anyhow, so I put everything to the side, so that is why It's just fired up recently. The information you give the Piranha members is priceless. The bootcamp is fun, and your learning at the same time. You are a great inspiration for me. I use to be an RN, which is the love of my life, helping people, but I must say now Marketing is the love of my life. The more I read and learn from the material that keeps coming, I believe I have an obsession. I can't think your staff enough for always being kind. They had so many phone calls from me for support in a frazzled state of mind. So High 5 for your staff. I can't think you enough for all the wonderful gifts you give. I would tell anyone, join Piranha with Joe Polish. You will never say your sorry.. I am looking forward to the bootcamp in April. Piranha was the best gift we gave to ourselves. I could keep on for a long time with writing this, but I hope there will be other times. Thanks Joe for being so patient and kind. Gwen Tebbe"

-- Gwen Tebbe
Four Seasons Carpet Cleaning. Inc.

Ron Preston

"Hello, my name is Ron Preston. I have been following Joe Polish marketing insights for many years now and have stayed alive in business for the last 9 years thru a lot of hurdles. I could turn you into a pile of dust with my story, however will give you a break because this is really about Joe not me. I joined Piranha @ last boot camp and do not regret that decision one bit. I only regret how slow I seem to be implementing his strategies. However yet again, here Joe is, sending testimonials, documented success strategies by other Platinum members and I again gain the strength and motivation to realize, that with on going implementation of even the smallest step towards any goal, a proven strategy will emerge. I look forward to the awesome outcome waiting around the corner for this business. My son and I are looking forward to our next boost @ the next quarterly meeting. See you again soon."

-- Ronald Preston
Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd.


"Hi, My name is Matthew. I haven't known Joe very long but this is one person that you have to be close to. Just listening to him attracts money to me!"

-- Matthew

Allyn & Renee Staggs
renee staggs

"Thanks to Joe and the awsome Piranha marketing team we have increased our average job ticket by $175.00 and grown our business by over 90%. We look forward to even more success now that we have joined Joe's platinum plus coaching group. Way to go Joe!!"

-- Allyn & Renee Staggs,
PermaClean Carpet Care & More

Mick Moore

"Thanks for the valuable info from the two conference calls yesterday. I actually learned something that can be applied! I purchased your workbook and audio program from Nightg. and look forward to making some MONEY!"

-- Mick Moore

Brian Scudamore

"Joe's unique approaches to marketing are like none I've ever seen. The guy knows what works and how to get results. I'm excited about learning more from Joe... he's clearly THE expert in his field."

-- Brian Scudamore,
Founder & CEO, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

bs testimonial

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Brett Brodie

"Never underestimate that a small group of committed service angels could change so many lives, let alone an entire industry when in fact that's all that ever has.........That's Joe Polish and his incredible team at Piranha Marketing! In a nutshell, if you haven't experienced a Joe Polish product or seminar, there's a very good chance that you have a H.A.L.F (hard, annoying, lame, frustrating) business ! Not to say that's exactly your fault, but Joe and his gang have the ability to help you transform your business into E.L.F (easy, lucrative, fun). Since becoming a piranha member, I have increased gross sales no less than 100% per year and tripled my personal income, and hey- there's nothing special about me, just the fact that I took the cookie cutter strategies and got 'em done got me to where I'm at today. My future looks like this; A Millionaire by 40, and retired from 'real' work. Not bad for a dead broke 'rug sucker'. Your future starts today, take action now!"

-- Brett Brodie

Steve Cameron
steve cameron

"Make no mistake about it Joe Polish is a man among men when it comes to teaching other people how to make money. I am now making $260,000.00 a year more than I was before I met Joe. Using a few of Joe's simple but highly effective marketing strategies has opened up a floodgate of high-end clients. My phone is literally ringing off the hook. We have so much work now that we can't even keep up. We have been able to do this by having the same infrastructure that we have always had.

Our marketing costs have actually gone down while our profits have soared. It all started after I went to Joe's Boot Camp in the year 2002. That is when I learned why my marketing for the last 22 years was not working. Joe taught me new strategies and within months my life had changed. When your sales go up and your overhead goes down that equates into profits. And making money is what Joe Polish is all about. But it is more than just making money. It's about changing your life. It's about doing things for your family and employees that you never thought you could. It's about realizing dreams that had faded from your memory only to be rekindled and accomplished. It's about learning how to be a winner."

-- Steve Cameron,
Sunrise Clean Care

steve cameron

Bobby and Billie Brush

"Joe Polish has helped not only our business, but our family. We have been in business for 9 years now. When we started the business we had 3 children and barely enough money to feed everyone (not kidding). In June of 2003 we had almost $11,000 in sales on 74 jobs. That was about a $150.00 job average. Then in January of 2004 we bought 'boot camp in a box'. That next June we had around $16,500 in sales on 78 jobs. Almost the same number of jobs but more money. Then in October of 2004 we attented the boot camp in person. Let me just say it is well worth the money. Forget how much the plane ticket and hotel are; Just think about the money you will be making. It will DEFINITELY be worth it 10 times over. After attending boot camp last year, this June of 2005 our sales were $34,000 on 115 jobs. 'WOW'! Could we have done it without Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing? Absolutely not! It is not just one thing that Piranha gives you, It is everything. The tremendous ideas from everyone that is involved with Piranha marketing, for one. We get ideas from other carpet cleaners from California all the way to Virginia! If we can do it, you can also. The great thing is we are still growing! Yeah!"

-- Bobby and Billie Brush, First Choice Cleaning and Restoration

Jeffrey Crolene

 Joe Polish is definitely a shining star among those that claim to be "marketers". I recently purchased his Boot Camp In-A-Box and got ten times the purchase price in my first two weeks! Unbelievable!

Joe, I just want to thank you for making a difference in my business, my life, and the lives of my family!"

-- Jeffrey Crolene

Andre DeLano

"Joe has now become a friend. Not just a coach or mentor, he has helped me see that there is more to success then money. Yes we all want money, but I'd say attitude is King! And in all the years I've known him, that's what he teaches in a nutshell. You may say, Joe teaches marketing. But I'd say, he's taught me attitude. Attitude that has made my business over a Million Dollars since I've known him. It's because of attitude.


Without the right thinking, you can't accomplish Jack! Joe will help you see that. Here are the results. I have a cash friendly business, that I work two days or so a week. The business works, but I don't. I have 6 websites, that bring me cash and more cash each and every month. Using just a few of Joe's principles. (He has 101 Ideas) These are just some of the things Joe opened my eyes too. I am successful because of putting to action what Joe teaches. Now I help others become successful. Despite the fact that he's obnoxious (& witty and fun), I will always be a friend and a student. Joe has a generous nature, and because of that, I'd recommend him to anyone who's looking for a coach and mentor to help take them get to the next level in life and business."

andre delano

-- Andre DeLano,
Owner of

Bob & JoAnne Brunelle

"Thanks To Joe we did 68 less jobs in 2004 from 2003 and did $46,000 more volume. In 2005 our job average is higher than it was in 2004. I think it says it all."

-- Bob & JoAnne Brunelle
Elite Professional Cleaning

Brett Brodie

"From the Piranha Marketing weve implemented; our returns on investment have been nothing less than phenomenal. Profits have been driven from the dreary $3-$6k per month losses to profits over $7k. Talk about LUCRATIVE. All weve done is copy cookie-cutter marketing strategies, added a few twists here and there, found some good mailing lists, stayed in constant contact with preferred clients, supported some charities, and done top quality work My personal income has increased over 280% since becoming a Piranha member."

-- Brett Brodie,


Robert Peters
proclean robert

"Thanks to Joe Polish, I increased my business by over $100,000.00 the first year I used his program, and with only ONE TRUCK! Thanks again!"

-- Robert Peters,
Genie Carpet Service

Dave Keiter

"Thanks to Joe Polish, I increased my sales by $358,465.00 in just 12 monthsI now own my dream home, a hot tub, and a Jaguar Convertible!"

-- Dave Keiter,
Yellow Van Cleaning

proclean dave

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Jason Mitchell

"I have raised my prices 150% since joining Piranha 20 months ago. I would have never thought this to be possible but my clients are happier than ever. I used to work about 60-70 hours a week cleaning apartments for $20 and now I work 40-45 hours and clean residential homes at an average close to $300."

-- Jason Mitchell,
Ace of Clean

Bill Blazevich

"Claudia, my assistant, and I have been over the numbers and Four Seasons will exceed well over $300,000.00 in 2005. Not only has Piranha made my business E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun), but it has brought my personal life to W.F.N. (Wanting For Nothing) In the years I have been with Piranha and just 12 months in Platinum Plus, I have paid off over $100,000.00 of credit card debt. I owe all this to Piranha Marketing . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

-- Bill Blazevich,
Four Seasons Carpet Cleaning

Bill Cole

"We grew our total business by over 40% this year and bought 2 new trucks. Several of the ideas we used came from your marketing strategies."

-- Bill Cole,
Sears Cleaning Services

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Confidential Case Study #1:

"How A Young Couple From Alaska Went From Near Bankruptcy To Buying A NewHouse, Two New Cars, And Living The Ultimate Lifestyle—Thanks To The Piranha Marketing System!"

joel cohenWe were starving. The credit cards were maxed out. The winter had just set in and it seemed so bleak.

Our dream of owning our own business looked like it was about to go "belly-up." It seemed inevitable that we should become another statistic. After all, the average business fails in the first three years, so we shouldn't feel too bad...or so well meaning friends and relatives told us.

We were at our lowest point, (charging our rent on our credit cards) we came across an ad in one of the trade magazines. This guy, Joe Polish, had been "starving" out of the business, too. He's been in our shoes. But, with a discovery of some marketing strategies, he was able to turn around and make $125,000.00 a year with ONE TRUCK. We thought, "That could be us!!!" Besides, at that point what was one more charge on the credit card, so with a flicker of our dream left we got Joe's stuff.

From near bankrupt to $30,000.00+ a month in less than 24 months!

Are we ever glad we came across that ad!!

In fact, our growth was so phenomenal that when we went to buy our custom home last year, the bank made us write a letter explaining how on earth we could grow so much, so fast. Like the loan officer told us, "People just don't do that." Well, they haven't heard about Joe Polish.

Because of Joe Polish and his Piranha Marketing Systems we were able to make over $250,000.00 our third year in business. Doubling our income every year over the previous year.

But, that's only half the story...

Creating A Lifestyle By Owning A
Business Instead Of A Job

It's true what Joe talks about in his sales letter. You know, the whole "Lifestyle" thing. In less than two years we were able to transform a dying shell of a business into a thriving residential carpet cleaning company with two truck mounts.

We paid off the credit cards we had lived on. We had money in the bank for the first time ever!!! We got employees, health insurance, life insurance, employee benefits, new cars, a new home and we NEVER work holidays, weekends, or nights...finally we were living with security and enjoying life!!

This is NOT some hyped up, empty promise. These are REAL WORLD, EASY, SYSTEMATIC Marketing Strategies that can start making you money the day your package arrives. If we hadn't taken Joe up on his NO-RISK offer, who knows where we'd be, (we don't even want to entertain that thought!) but, the reality is – we did get Joe's systems, and they changed our business, our income – OUR LIFE!
What are you waiting for?

Joel and Julie Cohen, Steam Tech, Alaska

Reprinted with permission from a telephone interview with Joel and Julie Cohen.
Confidential Case Study #2:

"I Made $60,000 In The First 12 Months—Using Just ONE Of Joe's Systems! Since Then I've Made Hundreds Of Thousands More!!!"

don deleeuwPrior to finding out about Joe's strategies, I'd been in the carpet cleaning business for about four years. I had one truck and, like my wife Ann said, "Don, why don't you just sit on the deck and sip iced tea – you'd make the same amount of money." So, I was having a bit of a hard time being profitable.

Nevertheless, I had some marketing background and a vision. So, I plugged along. One day, at a carpet cleaning seminar, I met this cocky, young guy named Joe Polish. He was just a "nobody" back then and, I soon realized, a really nice guy. (You just have to get past the attitude.) Come to find out, this kid had been struggling and ready to quit the business just a few months prior. But, with the discovery of some revolutionary marketing SYSTEMS, he had turned his business in to a $125,000.00 a year operation – and he only had ONE TRUCK – just like me.

Now, I'm no dummy. So, I attached myself to Joe Polish that weekend. And, with a little persuasion (he was still keeping his secrets to himself back then), I got the guy to sell me one of his strategies. And, unbeknownst to Joe Polish and me, I became the first member of what became Piranha Marketing.

Just One strategy brings in $60,000.00!

Thank god I met Joe Polish that weekend. Pretty soon I had a money-cranking system in my business. $60,000.00 from that one strategy – an incredible return on my investment!
And the rest is history...

Joe Polish reveals 104 more strategies just as good as his first one!

When you find a money tree, you keep on harvesting. Son, I bugged Joe enough and he revealed all of his secrets to me.

I found out I had been doing some things right. (Like I said, I did have a little marketing savvy of my own.) But Joe fine-tuned the marketing I was doing, and opened my eyes to dozens of marketing SYSTEMS I was clueless about. And soon, my business skyrocketed...

Four Trucks Later... I'm Sipping Iced Tea On The Patio And Making Money!

Since then I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Joe's SYSTEMS. Today, I've got a four-truck operation, and am so busy I could put a fifth on the road tomorrow. My phones rings off the hook, I have a steady flow of good, high quality customers who are not price conscience. Plus, my repeat and referral business is about 82% of my monthly revenue.

And it all started with just ONE of Joe's SYSTEMS. Today I don't ever wonder how I'm going to get new business. I KNOW. And Joe Polish is the reason. Every cleaner in the industry needs this kind of marketing know-how. That is – if they want to actually make any money!

Don Deleeuw, Healthy Home Carpet Care, Colorado

Reprinted with permission from a telephone interview with Don Deleeuw.

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Confidential Case Study #3:

"How I Dug Myself Out Of Debt And Made Over $614,000.00 In Less Than 36 Months Using Joe Polish's Marketing SYSTEMS..."

jim wolvertonJust a little over two years ago, I started my carpet cleaning business in a town of 105,00 people, competing with 76 other carpet cleaners. (Talk about market saturation!!) And they were all competing by – you guessed it – LOW, LOW PRICE!

I knew it was going to take something special, something different, to market my company the way I wanted. That is – without advertising low prices. And, thank goodness I met Joe Polish.

My first full year in business was 1996 and I grossed $193,080.00. Not bad for the first year. Oh by the way, it was all residential... no big restoration jobs, no apartments...just $193,080.00 of residential cleaning with nice, fat profit margins. And, I made most that money using just ONE of Joe's many strategies

Not Exactly What I'd Call "Beginner's Luck"

Some of you die-hard skeptics might just think I'm lucky. Ha! If you only knew. In that first year of business I broke the world record for "breakdowns"; I was forced to buy another van just because one was in the shop for 3 months, and I had my house burn down – taking all my worldly belongings, my work truck, $15,000.00 worth of equipment, my computer and client list with it. Lucky?

I don't think so.

Yet, because of Joe Polish's marketing systems, I still managed to have a "first year" that rivals most people's 10th.

So, how does someone survive their first year in business let alone a first year littered with personal disaster?

Discover The Secrets Of The Master: Joe Polish

It's simple. You get Joe's marketing systems and you follow his directions to the tee. No need to reinvent the wheel. It's a no-brainer. Just one Joe Polish strategy delivers over $1,000.00 a week... and it costs just a few bucks!

How have I done since my first year? My business is booming. In 1997 I closed out the year at $291,000.00. And to date, I've made $614,000.00 using Joe's systems. Plus, I have 3,217 residential clients!

And, I've done it all despite my unlucky start into this business! Because of Joe and his SYSTEMS, I have been able to get as many new customers as I want. I get an enormous amount of referrals. I am totally unaffected by the competition. I make more money in a 3-day work week than the average carpet cleaner makes from a full month of struggling and suffering. And, best of all, I ENJOY my business!

Thank you Joe Polish!

Jim Wolverton, Like New Cleaning, Oregon

Reprinted with permission from a telephone interview with Jim Wolverton.

Confidential Case Study #4:

"I Was Struggling Along With Traditional Marketing Methods...Until I Discovered Joe Polish And His Marketing SYSTEMS...And I Quickly Built A HIGHLY PROFITABLE Four Truck Operation!"

bob bagleyI'd been involved with the carpet cleaning business since college. That's how I supported myself while going to school. Well, cleaning carpets, toilets, floors...but eventually just carpets. So, I get out of college, I'm $15,000.00+ dollars in debt, but I don't want to give up on the carpet cleaning. I'd been "bitten" by the bug – the entrepreneurial bug – and was determined to start my own business.

So, me and a buddy pool our resources, buy a couple of portables and go for it. Well, the partnership went bad, as partnerships often do, and I found myself deeper in debt and having to move back in with Mom and Dad. (While they scratched their heads wondering what their "college graduate" son was up to.)

It was humiliating. Just me and my stinky portable living back home with my parents. But, I still had that vision, and that "bug." So I ventured out solo.

Traditional Marketing Methods Just Don't Cut It

I worked really hard. I mean hard. And, when you work that hard you should be making money. But, the reality was, I was still broke. Still in debt. I was "marketing" my butt off. The traditional kind of marketing, that is. You know, running high priced "professional" looking ads in the phone book, money mailers, the newspaper, I even tried going door to door. But...I was losing more money than I was making. I was frustrated. Yet, I knew there had to be a way...

That's when I met Joe Polish. When I discovered Joe's marketing systems, I found the missing piece to my puzzle I'd been looking for. It was the piece that completed "the big picture" in my business, and made it clear just how easy it really is to make money (a lot of money) cleaning carpets.

From Flat Broke To The Cleaning And Restoration "Expert" In My Area

I admit, I honestly thought I would be packing his stuff up and sending it back. I am a skeptic. But, to my surprise, his stuff is good. Really good. So good in fact, that just ONE of his "ready-made" ads landed me on the local television station, when flooding hit my town, as the area "expert"... My business SKYROCKETED.

In less than 48 months I was running a 4 truck operation. I was able to pay off my college debts. Able to pay off my business debts. I was able to take home a paycheck (a good paycheck). I was finally able to fulfill my entrepreneurial dream!

Once I discovered Joe's marketing systems, I realized why all my traditional attempts at marketing had failed. It's so easy now. I KNOW how to make the phone ring. I KNOW how to keep a steady stream of good customers coming into my business. And I KNOW how to keep my current customers loyal.

Joe makes it so simple to succeed in this business. No matter how big or how little you are, you need these marketing systems. I can't believe what a difference Joe Polish has made in my business, and MY LIFE. He transformed me from a dreamer to a doer, and for that I sincerely thank him!

Bob Bagley, Integrated Cleaning and Restoration, New York

Reprinted with permission from a telephone interview with Bob Bagley.

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Confidential Case Study #5:

robert petersDear Joe,

Life wasn't always this good. Six years ago I was on the brink of disaster in this business. I struggled every day to keep my business alive, scratching for every nickel, working 14-hour days, no vacations, no future and stressed to the point of collapse. I was exhausted and frustrated when the most remarkable thing happened.

In 1994, I met Joe Polish who revealed to me a simple marketing tool he was using to successfully grow his unique business. Long story short, I applied the same tool to my carpet cleaning business, and was stunned by a non-stop flow of high quality, high-ticket clients.

I went from $60,734 to $164,589 my first year, (that's more than DOUBLE), $240,878 my second, $302,558 my third, and $313,86 my fourth. And just last year (2001), with only one truck, I made a staggering $327,646.

Best of all, I have personal freedom, and I'm finally assured of a brilliant future. Four years ago I set up a secure retirement account, and last year I took more than 4 weeks vacation, including 2 weeks in Hawaii to visit my son. This year I plan to take even more time off and my business will keep running as smooth as a Swiss watch. Best wishes for your success.”

Robert Peters, Genie Carpet Service, Texas

Reprinted with permission from a Robert Peters letter to Joe Polish.


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