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Genius Network

Genius Network® is an exclusive group that connects high-achieving entrepreneurs, industry innovators, and best-selling authors and helps them grow their business ten-fold. Joe connects you with the brightest minds in the world today, to give you (if you qualify) access to best practices and strategies to build and grow your business and curate discussions so you develop and deepen relationships.

This combined Genius Network® has led to thousands of relationships and business connections that have resulted in many millions of dollars in revenues for many Entrepreneurs.

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Listen To Industry Experts & Joe Polish

10x Talk

Insights For An Ever Expanding System Of Increasing Cooperation And Creativity Among Unique Ability Achievers.

10x Multipliers to grow your business! A provocative and persuasive series of interviews and discussions on the topic of developing and expanding “Abundance Multipliers” in the 21st century global economy.

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I Love Marketing

The Most Valuable Marketing Podcasts On The Planet For Entrepreneurs Who Want More Business Than They Can Handle

We’ve been having killer conversations about marketing for over 15 years, and now we get to share them. This is our opportunity to talk about new marketing ideas, direct mail ideas, lead generation, lead conversion, getting referrals, stick strategies, email marketing, psychology, books, people and even productivity.

Every week is a new adventure…and it will always be fun.

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E.L.F. Business™ Easy, Lucrative & Fun!™

Piranha Marketing is a company that provides knowledge products, marketing tools, robotic selling systems, and training to entrepreneurs seeking to create an E.L.F. Business™ Easy, Lucrative & Fun!™

Through the combination of education-based marketing systems and experiential packaging, Piranha Marketing has enabled business owners in commoditized price-focused industries (such as carpet cleaning) to excel. The strategies we provide robotically attract the best clients to pay top dollar for our members’ high quality products and services.

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Ultimate Solutions To Getting High-Paying Customers

Get 3 Complete, Easy, Proven, Low Cost Systems…That Will Have Your Cleaning Business Booked SOLID…Handed To You For FREE Right Now!

Maybe other people are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get their phone ringing…but after you watch this video, you won’t be…you will know exactly how to get those calls coming in…no matter what the economy is doing around you!

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High Level Connections For Highly Successful People

Genius Network Interviews

Busy entrepreneurs and business people starving for in-depth wisdom, knowledge and how-to advice on a host of important subjects—such as marketing, communication, direct mail, copy writing, personal finance, business systems, and organization—feast monthly on illuminating audio interviews conducted by Joe Polish, president of Piranha Marketing, and the creator of Genius Network™ Interview Series.


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