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Sandy Raskob
Hight Tech - Prince George, BC

"...Never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd be here...!" WATCH HER VIDEO


Ron Osborne
Osborne's Cleaning and Restoration

Annual income before using you strategies = $40,000 per year...

Annual income AFTER using your strategies = $434,000 per year!

...thanks for living up to all the hype!


Annette Marchionda
Professional Carpet Systems - Niagra Falls area, Ontario

Get out there and implement. Just do it! One little thing at a time. Small hinges swing giant doors, and the proof is right here. Our annual sales have gone up by $200,000 in the two years that we've been involved with [Piranha] and we're damn glad! Thanks Piranha!


Being An Official Part Of Piranha's Elite Cleaners Group Includes:

Latest News

New, Cutting-Edge Strategies Released Quarterly

The most current, proven, cutting-edge techniques for marketing your business. Tested and honed, then handed to you on a silver platter as an easy-to-implement strategy. (If it’s an upcoming way to get the word out about your business, we’ll have a proven, case-studied way for you to put it to work!)


Best Practices

Monthly "Best Practices" Sessions with Q&A and Forum Discussions

These sessions (webinars or teleseminars) will detail “best practices” for well-established strategies and are designed to offer support and answers to your most pressing marketing challenges. Live Q & A included

Plus you’ll have access to the ONLINE FORUM for continued learning and support! This forum (online portal) gives you access to replays and downloads of each MONTHLY “Best practices” session and Each quarterly NEW Strategy. You’ll be able to comment and interact with members on the forum to ask questions and share results!


Client Newsletter

Monthly Client Newsletter

Original, Giant Postcard, and Email Options

This very effective tool can get an instant boost in cash flow from your existing clients. It includes the orginal folded and tabbed version, and also a cost effective way to mail it as a full-color, oversized postcard which gets high readership, builds rapport, and gets you a flood of repeat and referral business!

Plus, you’ll have an ingenious option for emailing the newsletter to your client list!


Group Discounts

Buyers' Group Discounts on Business Supplies, Printing, Chemicals, and Equipment!

Many of those who participate in our program use these savings to pay for the cost of being in the program each year! -some by several times over...

...All by simply using these massively deep discounts with the vendors we’ve arranged for chemicals, carpet cleaning equipment, printing and more! 5%-50% off some of the best brands! ALSO we have a buyers group liaison that can get you deep discounts on ANY kind of equipment you can think of…


Rich Cleaner Products

Rich Cleaner Products

(Time-Released The Longer You Stay Part of Piranha's Elite Group)

You may have seen some of Piranha Marketing’s different courses – all of which get our clients amazing results. So as an added value, you’ll get the most current, up-to-date versions of Piranha’s best marketing courses awarded to you the longer you stay part of the Elite Cleaners Group!

These At Least Include:

The Top Rich Cleaner Strategies
(after 3 months)

The Client Acceleration Kit
(AKA Piranha's Upgrade - after 6 months)

The Full Rich Cleaner System (Online/Updated Version - after 12 months)

The Price is VERY likely to go up due to the abundance of conent that will be added to Piranha's Elite Cleaners Group over the next few months. Take advantage of securing this introductory rate of only $97 while it's still available...

Early Adopters Get "Grandfathered" In At This Rate!

Just $97 Monthly

*BONUS! - Your 1st Month's $97 Payment for Piranha's Elite Cleaners Group will be applied as a credit on your account with Grow With Mail! You'll be able to use it toward your EDDM print costs with them.

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