Robin Robins on How To Get Paid To Get Clients

by on Aug 08 2014
Robin Robins Genius Network Expert

Ten Minute Talk™ Recap

Robin Robins helps you understand the power of sponsoring and how to do it more strategically year after year and, ultimately, how to get paid to get clients. There are several different ways to approach this, and she goes into two different approaches in this powerful presentation.

How to Get Paid to Get Clients

By adding a sponsorship model, you are adding nothing but net profit to the bottom line.

Are you running boot camps or live events right now? Are you covering the majority if not all the costs through sponsorships?

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“It costs nothing to do this. All they want is a speaking spot, a table in the back, or their name on a lanyard.”

Example #1: Keynote Speakers
We all know the power of having high-end speakers attend our events. I planned to invite Mike Ditka to speak at one of my events anyway and decided to approach companies to sponsor half the fee ($25,000 to put their logo in the backdrop for pictures).

After reaching out to several different companies that would be aligned with my event, I set it up as a Competitive Sponsor Model where I provided the option to sponsor the speaker to several companies that were interested — at the same time — and they all jumped at the chance to get the spot.

Side note: You need to constantly be thinking, “What’s coming next? What’s the next thing with this sponsor?” I have perfected that practice and consistently have 75% of my sponsors presold for the following year.

Example #2: Get Them to Pay You to Market to Their Customers
A large company with a big list approached me and paid $100,000 for me to build a marketing kit, which I was then able to turn around and sell to both their list and my list.

The goal for the sponsoring company was to gain new partners/clients, so existing members got it for free and non-members could either pay for it or join as a member.

I was given the leads that came from the promotion and was able to sell the kit (which I got paid to make) to my list.

The company got a custom-made marketing kit, which they could use over and over again, and they got new partners.

Both sides profited significantly. After I had done this once, I learned that I could seek out these opportunities — and I was able to repeat this process over and over again.

“The key to successful sponsoring is alignment.”

The Proactive Approach to Finding Sponsors

Make a list of the 50 most influential, large companies in your industry. Haunt them with Google alerts and read all their press releases. All major companies have a budget for sponsoring when they come out with new initiatives or products. These will be the seeds you use to close more sponsoring deals and get paid to get clients.


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