Dave Kekich Interview about Alcor Life Extension Foundation

by on Oct 02 2015

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In this interview you’ll learn:

* Dave shares the story of how he got involved in life extension and cryonics
* What the Alcor Life Extension Foundation does to preserve human life with the intent of restoring good health
* How Dave thinks about death and how cryonics is striving to revive people using the best technology available
* Dave clears up the major cryonics myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings
* Why Larry King, Peter Thiel (co-founded PayPal) and people from all walks of life are advocates of cryonics
* The biggest danger when it comes to cryonics and the steps Alcor takes to alleviate it
* Turn Back The Aging Clock: One of the most impressive medicines coming down the pike that could fully repair every cell in your body
* The Cryonics Process: How it works, what to expect and how much it costs
* Is cryonics natural? Is it in violation of nature? What happens to your soul? Dave addresses concerns, objections and questions about cryonics
* The valuable conversations and learning that takes place at the Alcor Conference
* 20 Year Old Skin At 60?!: Dave discusses the desire for beauty over health and longevity and how you could possibly have all three
* The Golden Era of Longevity, Health and Wellness: The 3 most exciting technologies being used right now in life extension
* Why Dave is 100% convinced cryonics will work and why understanding this would cause more people to offer cryonics
* The ultimate goal of cryonics and why it is intent on helping people live longer, healthier and more vibrantly

For more information about the Alcor 2015 Conference visit: http://www.alcor.org/AboutAlcor/conference.html

For more information about Maximum Life Foundation visit http://www.MaxLife.org

About Dave Kekich

David A. Kekich is a recognized expert on longevity science. In 1999, he founded “Maximum Life Foundation”, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to reversing human aging and aging related diseases. 

David realized the inevitability that science will someday control the human aging process. He understood human beings will someday be able to enjoy very long health spans by studying aging, the root cause of most deadly diseases. The problem? He was in a race against the clock. He was faced with the possibility of being part of the “last generation” to suffer and die from aging related diseases. His solution was to further aging research and move it forward by establishing the Maximum Life Foundation.


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