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Thanks for inquiring about working with Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing and Founder of the Genius Network Interview Series. As you probably know, Joe is a business marketing and strategy consultant that can help you simplify the process of marketing by shortening the learning curve of what he has literally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and well over a decade of time to learn.

I’m sure you’ve come to this site because you know that Joe Polish is a master marketer. Joe’s marketing strategies have made him a fortune in several businesses, including some obscure ones you might not think possible – like carpet cleaning! But don’t let that fool you. Applying just a few of Joe Polish’s street-smart marketing principles, breakthrough ideas and top inside business-building secrets to any business, you can unlock a massive cache of leads and sales you never thought you had!

Most of Joe’s consulting Clients end up in his group. Check that out because, assuming you qualify, it’s the only place in the world you can have access to Joe (and a handful of other bright entrepreneurs and successful marketers) several times a year for the most powerful business building brainstorm/mastermind sessions anywhere.

(BTW: at and in the testimonials sections of this site you can access tons of videos where well known entrepreneurs share their stories of how Joe has helped facilitate their success, just like this one below.)

Joe is not really an author or a speaker but he’s become world famous as a result of these things and as a result of helping several thousands of business owners to completely transform their businesses into “E.L.F.” businesses (“Easy, Lucrative and Fun!”). Just a few of Joe’s Clients include: Wells Fargo Mortgage, The Esselte and Pendaflex Corporation, Pinnacle Healthcare and Verricom, as well as Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach and Bill Phillips, author of best-selling book, “Body For Life”. He also provided business marketing and strategy consultant services to many other successful authors and speakers such as Brian Tracy, David Bach, Michael Gerber, David Allen and more. He even spends one week every year working and brainstorming with Billionaire and Rebel Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, on Branson’s Private Carribean Island, Necker (check out if having your own Necker experience sounds exciting).

In addition to empowering thousands of service businesses with the robotic tools, proven strategies and marketing wisdom in his monthly Piranha Marketing Money Map™, Joe is the creator of the best-selling “Piranha Marketing” audio program produced by Nightingale-Conant. His “Piranha Marketing Conferences” attract convention-sized audiences full of famous entrepreneurs and many of the superstars of marketing and advertising.

And, Joe’s free podcast, which has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, reached #1 in New & Noteworthy on iTunes shortly after it’s launch.

In a business environment bristling with false prophets and bad advice, Joe’s unique mix of real-world experience and stunning financial success has earned him a spot among the most trusted experts alive. A casual meeting in Joe’s office might include Bestselling Author, Coach & T.V. Personality, Dean Graziosi, Singer, Songwriter and Super-Star Paula Abdul, Peter Diamandis, Founder of Singularity University and the XPrize Foundation, infomercial mogul Joe Sugarman, Founder of Strategic Coach (and one of the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds on the planet) Dan Sullivan, or world-class copywriting legends like John Carlton and Dan Kennedy.

The CEO’s of publishing giants like Boardroom, Inc., and Nightingale-Conant rely on Joe for business marketing and strategy consultant services. Television news shows like ABC’s 20/20 interview him as an advocate of ethical advertising and he’s been featured in Mentor’s magazine so often many people think he owns it (he doesn’t!). He’s also been featured in LIFE Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine and many more. Recently he was awarded the ‘One In A Million’ Award for from Sir Richard Branson for being the #1 contributor to Virgin Unite.

Joe’s one-of-a-kind recorded interview series, “The Genius Network” — now thirteen years in the making — is a “Who’s Who” of super-savvy marketing, advertising and all around entrepreneurial brilliance. No one refuses an interview with Joe. He has the gift of gab and the insight of a business veteran who’s earned his success. Joe started with nothing but a glimmer of a dream and yet he nailed his spot in the Business Hall of Fame before he was thirty.

With Joe, you’ll definitely be able to take your venture to the next level. Joe’s Opportunity Realization™ Consulting Processes are uniquely suited to strengthen any company’s marketing capabilities and confidence. The business marketing and strategy consultant ideas that Joe can share with you will help you to greatly leverage and monetize your venture in a systematic and robotic way. Joe’s help will allow you to position your business where it needs to be to reach your goals. Further down on this page you’ll find some information about Joe’s current business marketing and strategy consultant processes, tools and fees.

Generally, the Piranha Teleconference with the Opportunity Realization™ Roadmap Action Plan is the first rung on the ladder to taking your ideas and services to the next level.

Initially, we like for potential consulting clients to think deeply about a few questions and fill out this page before booking a session.

Joe will review potential client comments and then confirm for us his level of interest toward providing business marketing and strategy consultant services for the venture. I don’t mean for that to sound rude – it’s just that if I had a dollar for every opportunity that Joe is presented with, I’d probably have more money than he does. Plus, we need to evaluate the battery charging versus battery draining aspect of every opportunity as well as the net and potential back-end revenue of the venture versus the distraction from his other consulting challenges.

I’m sure your market, product, service or idea is great and Joe will probably want to explore working with you. I know he knows that he can provide you great value, marketing capabilities and proven ways to create robotic-continuity that will leverage and monetize your venture.

Joe also asks that each potential client be totally familiar with his best-selling, Nightingale-Conant program, Piranha Marketing (it’s the best pre-requisite for business marketing and strategy consultant or joint ventures with Joe).

If you’re not yet familiar with the Piranha Marketing audio program, click this link to read the report about Joe’s Piranha Marketing audio program – then call Joe’s office to get your copy! I’ve also put a couple excerpts of audio from the program on the page with the report so check it out! Piranha Marketing

Okay, now if you’ll look down below the list of Joe’s business marketing and strategy consultant processes, tools and fees you’ll see those questions I mentioned before.

You see – over the years, Joe’s built up quite an arsenal of resources and dealt with hundreds of vendors. What he’s found is that one of the most frustrating, time-consuming and often costly challenges of turning ideas into profits and running a business is finding the right/best contacts, vendors, resources and information. The goal of this online million dollar rolodex is to list those whom Joe and Piranha Marketing rely on repeatedly, have personally found most valuable or that have come to us with the highest of recommendations. I urge you to read through it listing by listing, in search of opportunity and then keep and use it as a resource throughout the year. It will save you time and money.

Also, make sure when contacting these individuals/companies, be certain to identify yourself as a Joe Polish/Piranha Marketing Member (if you are) or that you were referred by Joe Polish or Piranha Marketing. In many instances, doing so will entitle you to discounts, gifts, or extra services.

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for visiting.

The Opportunity Realization Consultation™ Processes

Joe Polish and Piranha Marketing have a wealth of resources and knowledge available at and For those clients who want to acquire personalized business marketing and strategy consultant services from Joe Polish for their company, these are the Consultation Packages offered by Piranha Marketing. Clients are chosen at the complete discretion and interest of Joe Polish and based upon his scheduling availability.

Here are details on Joe’s Opportunity Realization Consultation™ Processes:

1. The Complete Piranha Company Consultation – $ 25,000

  • Pre-meeting research and preparatory processes.
  • In-person half-day meeting with Joe Polish.
  • Audio recording of meeting.
  • Day will include marketing campaign and tool examples with permission to retool and use.
  • Day will include connections with valuable network of contact resources.
  • Customized Opportunity Realization Roadmap™ Action Plan to be written and sent two weeks after consultation.

2. The Piranha Tele-Consultation – $ 12,000 (2 hours)

  • Pre-meeting research and preparatory processes.
  • 2-hour Teleconference Consultation.
  • Audio recording of meeting.
  • Customized Opportunity Realization Roadmap™ Action Plan to be written and sent two weeks after consultation.

3.The Contest Model Creation Consultation – $ 50,000 + % royalty

  • Pre-meeting research and preparatory processes.
  • In-person full day meeting with Joe Polish.
  • Contest model defined and molded to apply to your industry.
  • Contest model examples from beginning to end shared with permission to retool and use. Copywriting and implementation network access.
  • Opportunity Realization Roadmap™ contest model and sequence parameters defined into Action Plan to implement.
  • Three follow-up Teleconference Consultations to insure full implementation.
  • In-person Piranha participation at your contest event.

Royalty percentage to be agreed upon by all parties prior to first consultation.

Pre-Consulting Evaluation Questions:

First: What do you do? (Basically, what does your company do, what problem(s) do you feel it solves, what do you currently sell/want to sell? Please write up for us a short summary of what it is that your company does and what you want it to do, as best as you can explain it.)

Second: Where are you now? (How many clients, prospects? Where are you financially? What is the size of your support team? Write a summary about where you are currently “at” in your business.)

Third: Where do you want to go? (Just give Joe an idea of what your objective is in the next 12 months and then beyond).

And Finally: How are you going to get there? (In the context of marketing this is where Joe can really help you. Let Joe know what you feel is the best way to get there. This is where Joe can make things very exciting for you!)

Please answer the questions on this page to take the next step in hiring Joe.