Brendon Burchard’s 10 Million Dollar Marketing Strategy

by on Aug 05 2014
Brendon Burchard Genius Network Expert

10-Minute Talk Recap

You can create a self-generating revenue stream if you plan now and make the whole process automated. Brendon Burchard explains his million-dollar process.

Build a Cascading Campaign Based on a Comprehensive Product Suite

By creating a value-based, automated system, you will not only push leads through your sales funnel, but you’ll effortlessly create a revenue pipeline that builds on itself.

Have you succeeded with one blockbuster product but know you should be offering a suite of products?

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times bestselling author whose books include The Millionaire MessengerLife’s Golden Ticket, and The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive. Connect with Brendon at the next Genius Network Gathering:

You can’t have the #1 brand in any genre, in any business, without an integrated product suite. What is an integrated product suite? An integrated product suite is a compilation of products that work together in a product offering to solve the higher needs of your clients.

For an example, let’s take a look at Apple. They have the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iTunes. They are all integrated, and Apple’s messaging and sequencing effectively converts clients from one product to the next. Each of these products comes with a high-tier and low-tier option as well as several ancillary products such as headphones and cases. This is a GREAT business to model after.

If you don’t automate your messaging and sequencing, what you have are one-off promotions. Over time, you’ll forget to do them or you’ll get tired of them, or you’ll be on vacation and you won’t be making any money. If you have one-off promotions, you will go broke at some point — because you have nothing to build on.

So, what I did with The Millionaire Messenger was utilize the auto responder. It was all set up in advance and it is always running.

If leads came through my Experts Academy, or if they purchased a book, the sequence was setup and they would go through the integrated product suite automatically — and it runs 24/7.

Here’s an example of a suite you could build:

When someone enters the funnel with a $39 initial purchase, they get a free three-part video training series. Right after they order the book or whatever your lead offer is, they get offered a $197 upsell (of which 14–18% buy), and then the auto responder will send them the three-part video sequence over a period of days, which ultimately leads to backend sales.

One thing to remember is that if you deliver high value in the first video, you win. You should then follow-up with two more high-value content videos prior to the sales video. That sales video could sell a $1,000 course that they could sign up for online.

That $1,000 course could be a five-week training that delivers powerful, relevant, and valuable content every single week, followed by an audio coaching program.

After they go all the way through that sequence, you can automatically plug them into your other product suites that would fit them. This is called a Cascading Campaign and this is where the REAL power is.

Here are three suggestions to build your integrated product suite:

  1. Take it seriously. Schedule time time to make it happen, create your products, and set up your funnels.
  2. If you’re just starting out, create a low-tier price point under $200 and a high-tier price point over $697, about $700 or more.
  3. Integrate your brand and your products, and then market them with cascading video campaigns. That’s the path to wealth.

The question is, “Do you have an integrated product suite?” If not, go build that baby. And if you don’t have everything cascading through all of your product funnels yet, this would take you less than two weeks, no matter how many products you have in this business. And let me tell you, I know that for sure.  It doesn’t matter how many products you have. But if you actually intelligently set this up, it’s highly profitable.


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