How to Write and Publish a Book to Become a Best-selling Author in Less than 30 Days

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Mike Koenigs has been a world renowned Internet marketer since the beginning of Internet marketing and brings the most current tips and tricks to write and publish a book and become a bestselling author in less than 30 days! He has a nine-year-old he taught these skills to who has been a best-selling author four times in three months! There is no excuse for you not to be able to do this.


How to Write and Publish a Book to Become a Bestselling Author in Less than 30 Days

You can increase your credibility, penetrate targeted clients, and increase your revenue with just some simple tips on how to publish a book. And you can sell it in person or online in a matter of days!

Have you ever thought writing a book would be a HUGE help to your positioning, and add to your credibility but felt like it was a huge task and would take along time and a lot of money?

Mike Koenigs is a three-time #1 bestselling author, “Marketer of the Year” winner, entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, philanthropist, and holds a patent in “cross-channel” marketing technology.

He’s the CEO of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer.

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Writing a book is the most powerful way imaginable to market and promote yourself.

The big picture is that you can rapidly create content and be seen, read, and heard on any Internet-capable device anywhere in the world and be promoted by the biggest brands in the world, namely iTunes, Amazon, and Google.

1. Create your content only once by answering questions in the form of a livecast.

2. Capture the video and promote it through Google Hangouts or YouTube Live.

3. Take the same content and repurpose it into a podcast and post it on iTunes.

4. Take the same content and convert it into a bookcast.

My example of “You Everywhere Now” was edited and created into a book within three days of a livecast and was a number #1 bestselling book within eight hours — just by giving it away.

Combine all these approaches to capture leads through social casting.

This is how I did it in eight hours: I started with a product launch and offered the book for free to obtain email addresses. On the webpage, visitors could either download a PDF for free or pay $.99 for a kindle version or $5.90 for a physical copy. One-third bought the kindle book. Within the first day, I sold 150 copies.

That’s all it took to be the #1 bestselling author in that category, and I was giving it away for free as a PDF!

How to Use the Book to Make Money

Every chapter of my book has a specific call to action to go deeper on the topic in that chapter. I then have products for each of those topics that readers can buy.

What if you want to close a big deal with the book?

Buy your own book as an Amazon Prime member and send it as a gift (gift-wrapped) to your client with a card in it that says, for example:

“Hi Tim, This is my new book. I made a video for you because I have an idea about how to grow your business. Check it out at


Do you open packages from Amazon? What if they’re gift-wrapped? Of course you do, and so does everyone else! If there is a special link in there just for you, it is a powerful way to show that you’re a bestseller and make sure they open and see your proposal. Instant credibility and open rate: It’s great!

How to Make It a #1 Bestseller in a Live Setting

Put a $100, $20, and $5 bill in different copies and tell them to order the book for $.99 on their phone. As soon as they have the receipt or confirmation page, ask them to raise their hand. Do this in a semi-large crowd and move more than 150 of them and become the #1 best-selling author.

This is a sample of only four ways you can use a book to build credibility, close sales, and upsell products.


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